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How Does Chiropractic Adjustments Help Dizziness?

The body is amazing how it knows to coordinate the head, neck, ears, and body movement for balance and coordination. It uses the nervous system to coordinate hearing a sound, turning your head with your eyes to recognize the source of the sound, and make a split second reflex reaction on what do in that situation. Was that noise a fire cracker or a gun shot? This primitive vestibulocochlear reflex, can get assaulted and result in dizziness. A simple fender bender, carrying a heavy car seat, having arthritis in the neck, or poor sleeping position can trigger the dizziness. This type of dizziness can be worse with eye movement or neck and body movement. It may be confused for BVVP (benign positional paroxysmal vertigo). The great news is it can get better with natural treatments. Chiropractic adjustment can restore better joint movement and stimulate proper coordination. Adjustment may pair eye movement with neck adjustments and simple therapies like ultrasound to allow faster recovery. Once the nervous system is allowed to function properly dizziness frequently resolves!