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How Do I Heal the Body from the Inside to the Out?

Awareness is growing that the whole body is linked, inside to outside! Our body “talks” to us through aches and pains in the muscles and joints to bring attention that something else is wrong. Shoulder pain may be due to poor liver and gallbladder health. Knee pains may be due to poor intestinal health. Lower back pain may be due to poor reproductive or intestinal health. Mid back pain may be due to poor stomach or digestive function. Your chiropractor can perform a thorough exam, including applied kinesiology, to determine the cause of your aches and pain to properly treat the source of your complaint. Treating these conditions can be easy, natural and improve your health! For example, if the source of your shoulder pain is due to poor liver function you can improve the function of your liver enzymes, decrease cholesterol levels and improve your health by completing an energizing liver detoxification. Not all organs that are referring pain are diseased or show up with lab tests and images. Seek opinions about your health or lack of health, not just the disease!