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Healthier Keto Diet

January 4th, 1-2pmHeartland Chiropractic Office, Johnston IA Keto diets are super popular right now. And while there many benefits to the ketogenic lifestyle, it doesn’t mean bacon cheeseburgers (no bun of course), every day. Dr. O’Donnell will work you through…

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Woman holding donut

Kick the Sugar Addiction

December 29th, 1-2pmNatural Grocers, Hickman Rd, Clive Join Dr. O’Donnell as she outlines the 5 Steps to Quit Sugar (or at least decrease the amount you take in). This class includes 2 plan of action outlines to fit your needs…

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Tired middle age woman rubbing eyes

3 Low Thyroid Signs Women Overlook

More women are learning that thyroid issues are common and may be what is behind their symptoms. Low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) can result in common symptoms such as hair loss, dry skin and breaking nails, and depression or constipation. The…

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Cheerful friends sitting and talking near new year tree

2019 Heartland Wellness Gift Guide

This season is such a wonderful time of the year. Beautiful lights and decorations have been strung, Christmas trees are posted all over social media, and it’s acceptable to drink hot cocoa at all hours of the day.  The fun…

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