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Beyond Nutrition – 3 Ways Breast Milk Can Benefit Your Child

Breast milk is considered by many to be one of nature’s most complete formulas for helping their little one grow and thrive. If a family chooses, breast milk can be fed exclusively for an entire 6 months without any other form of nutrition of hydration! In many households and cultures, children can be breastfed well into their second year of life. One of the most impressive features of breast milk is that it is custom-tailored to the needs of your child. There are little sensors embedded in the mother that analyze the saliva of an infant to change the nutrients and antibodies in the milk to suit the needs of your baby. This means that if your child has an ear or respiratory infection, more antibodies like IgA are delivered from the mother to help their infant fight off infections while their immune system is still learning to recognize and fight invaders. 

For many families, breastfeeding does not come easy. Whether nursing or pumping, there are often challenges with supply or discomfort. When children are in their newborn stage, it is easy to worry if your child is getting enough food, especially if they aren’t sleeping well or have crying fits from colic. Nursing an infant is also incredibly time-consuming and energy demanding. A mother can burn up to 500 calories a day from breastfeeding! For these reasons and more, some families may feel that breastfeeding isn’t something they want to experience. Take comfort knowing that there are a plethora of options, from formula and supplements to chiropractors and lactations consultants, to ensure your little one grows and develops appropriately.

Whatever your breastfeeding journey, the benefits of breast milk extend beyond providing nutrients and comfort. Here are some incredible uses of breast milk should you choose to pump and store milk for unexpected occasions:

Skin Conditions

  • Infants (and children!) somehow manage to sprout all sorts of skin issues. Milk baths are a great way to restore the health and moisture of a baby’s skin. Simply mix 180-300ml of breast milk with enough water to create a milky, translucent bath. Breast milk can help relieve baby acne, eczema, rashes, cuts, sunburns, diaper rash and bug bites. Because of its fat and nutrient content, breast milk excels at moisturizing and healing the skin. Milk can easily be made into lotions, soaps and bum balms to help your child through their skin needs! 


  • Infants are susceptible to all sorts of viruses and bacteria as they continually put things in their mouth, attend daycare and explore the outdoors. Infections are necessary to help teach their developing immune system what to attack and how to get rid of different invaders. To help fight these invaders, breast milk can be applied to the ears, eyes, nose and throat to help naturally combat infection.


  • Many parents love to make breast milk popsicles to provide comfort and healing for the teething periods. To prevent choking hazards, make sure to use a mesh teether to keep small pieces in one place. Click HERE for an awesome popsicle recipe! 

Exactly how long can you store breast milk? 

La Leche League has superb information on how to store and reheat breast milk. Check out this link for their suggestions!

Give us a call!

We love supporting breastfeeding moms and tots.  If you are experiencing low-supply, discomfort or even if baby is having trouble latching, give us a call to schedule an appointment.  Gentle chiropractic adjustments for moms and babies can keep the breastfeeding journey comfortable and beneficial for the whole family.