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Vitamin D – Your Essential Immune System Conductor

Many studies are supporting supplemental Vitamin D3 to help regulate the immune system, which functions much like a symphony conductor, in the midst of cold and virus season. Vitamin D3 is a critical nutrient that the body needs in adequate or higher levels in order to have your immune system function at optimum, and also decrease the likeliness of an over attack or autoimmune response from the immune system. Vitamin D is an important nutrient that the T regulator cells of the immune system utilize.

If Vitamin D is Too Low

If Vitamin D3 is too low then the T regulator cells “cannot conduct”, meaning it is unable to signal to the T helper cells on how to function. T helper 1 and 2 cells must be kept in balance for signaling to make a beautiful song in the symphony. When either the T helper 1 or 2 cells are not told to tone down it can drown out the other side, causing the immune system to be imbalanced and stay on an autoimmune ‘over attack’. An over attack in the case of the immune system fighting an invader at the lungs results in a heavy, fast kill off of germs, faster than can be cleaned up. In the lungs, this would result in too much fluid in the lungs quickly and result in difficulty breathing. When Vitamin D3 levels in the blood have even shown to be above the minimum, at a low normal range of 40-60 ng/ml, the severity of symptoms for coronavirus, in particular, is mild.

If Vitamin D is in Mid-Normal Range

When Vitamin D is in the middle of the normal range, at 65 ng/ml, the immune system is making a beautiful “in sync” song, and the immune system is working well enough to naturally detect and eliminate breast cancer cells. Vitamin D3 has even been shown to help the elderly. Early studies from American hospital intensive care units for critically ill coronavirus patients showed a better outcome for those that had higher Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C blood levels.

Unfortunately, most people are Vitamin D3 deficient, under 30 ng/ml. The most severe cases of coronavirus symptoms and fatality, independent of other major pre-existing health conditions, showed being deficient under 20 ng/ml was critical and the person’s immune system compromised.

Vitamin D Supplements

Supplemental Vitamin D3 is recommended all year round, with adults having a maintenance dose at 5000 IU/day. Sunshine is an excellent source of Vitamin D, but in the majority of cases, minimal sunshine is not enough to maintain blood Vitamin D3 levels.

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