A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving!

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It is much easier than you think to be gluten-free or grain-free over the holidays!

Many Americans chose to follow a grain-zero or gluten-zero diet as gluten and grains are linked with many health conditions, in particular autoimmune diseases. Medical research shows that 1/1000th of gluten is enough to trigger autoimmune antibodies to stay elevated for 6 months! Those small amounts of gluten are hidden in meats, dressings, and cross contaminated with non-wheat grains such as rice and oats. Gluten-free foods may contain grains that cross react with gluten receptors and still cause havoc, hence grain-zero recipes evolved. Grain-zero approved items include sweet potato, squash, pumpkin and banana as alternative carbohydrates! Those fit in great for the holiday’s menu! A traditional and gluten-zero holiday can happen affordably by modifying a few menu items:

  • Turkey that is organic and grass fed – no injected fluids that contain gluten from local farms in Des Moines!

  • Green Beans prepared with olive oil and slivered almonds and GF seasonings – verses cream casserole

  • Sweet potatoes are naturally gluten free!

  • Pies made with coconut oil and coconut flour crusts

  • Appetizers of shrimp cocktails, vegetable tray, fruit trays or olive trays

  • Adult beverages that are distilled are gluten free

It is easy to host and have a healthy holiday, or to be a guest and contribute to the table by providing some of the above items. Your body will be healthier and less painful!



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