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After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic (in Davenport, Iowa) I began my journey working with pediatric patients.  During my studies, I interned in an office that focused on helping families experiencing developmental delays, and I became passionate about helping children and families with these issues.  I continued this pediatric focus after graduation.

My experience working in an office that focused on a functional neurology approach to development has shaped my current practice. My philosophy aligns with the traditional approach to chiropractic care: locating the areas of spinal dysfunction that are causing improper communication between the brain and the body.  Then, by adjusting the subluxated areas of the spine, the body restores its ability to adapt to the bombardment of stressors we put it through on a daily basis. Using this approach, together we can move from reactive “fix me” care to proactive “help me stay well” healthcare.


Monday: 8AM – 6PM (Lunch 1-2)
Tuesday: 7AM – 1PM
Wednesday: 8AM – 6PM
(Lunch 1-2)
Thursday:  8AM – 6PM
(Lunch 1-2)
Friday: 7AM – 1PM