What is Functional Medicine:

Functional Medicine seeks to identify and address the source of the cause(s) of disease. That is, functional medicine practitioners, like Doctors Skow and O’Donnell view the body as one integrated system addressing the source of your symptoms. Here are a few examples:

Complaint: I can’t sleep.

Western medicine may recommend a sleep aid medication. This may be helpful in the short term, but we know there must be a reason beyond this symptom, perhaps lack of melatonin or stress causing a strained adrenal system.

Complaint: Menopause/Hyper or Hypo-Thyroid Disease

Your family doctor may have recommended a thyroid test, but did you know that there are common markers that likely aren’t tested by your physician? Thyroid health is more than looking at your TSH level. So, your test results are stating that you are “in range” of normal but may not be in your optimal range. Functional medicine physicians are trained to dig deeper, find the solution at the root of the disease.

Complaint: Brain Fog

We all have a missing thought now and then, but what about when it’s interfering with your daily life, feeling lost in familiar environments, inability to organize your thoughts. There IS a reason and it CAN be identified and managed. Our body relies on cycles, picking things up and dropping them off. It may be that your body is simply lacking an enzyme that you were not genetically created. It may be that gluten and grains have more influence on your brain function. Finding this missing link could change your life with something as simple as modifying your diet and including supplements in your daily regimen.

Heartland Chiropractic offers many diagnostics and solutions to make the changes needed to remedy your symptoms – these are only a few. We encourage you look further on our site for more details or call today to schedule your appointment!

Functional Medicine Practitioners In Iowa