Diagnostic Tools & Techniques

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, or BIA


  • body composition body mass index (BMI)
  • basal metabolic rate (calories needed)
  • cellular health phase angle/tissue health: the first marker of health change before lab tests

When a conventional BIA is performed, consideration of a person’s age, height, gender and weight or other physical characteristics such as body type, physical activity level, etc. are entered in a computer. While the person is lying down, electrodes are attached to the wrist, hand, ankle and foot. A small electric signal is circulated. Simply explained, BIA measures the impedance or resistance to the signal as it travels through the water that is found in muscle and fat. The more muscle a person has, the more water their body can hold. The greater the amount of water in a person’s body, the easier it is for the current to pass through it. The more fat, the more resistance to the current. BIA is safe and it does not hurt. In fact, the signal used in body fat monitors cannot be felt at all either by an adult or child.

Applied Kinesiology Testing

Applied Kinesiology Testing, or AK Testing is another evaluation tool Doctors Skow and O’Donnell perform to using muscle testing to determine which therapy(ies) are best to decrease or eliminate symptoms, and heal your body. This method, using biofeedback, determines the proper treatment for YOUR body.

In performing AK Testing the patient will resist gentle pressure using the target muscle or muscle group as doctor applies a resistance. A smooth response is sometimes referred to as a “strong muscle” and a response that was not appropriate is sometimes called a “weak response”. This is not a raw test of strength, but rather a subjective evaluation of tension in the muscle and smoothness of response. For example, if you’re experiencing digestive issues there are many possible root causes and possibilities for treatment. To narrow the options the doctor may ask you to hold a particular nutrient/supplement, challenging your “weak” testing response to observe your feedback and determine the proper supplementation.

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