Meet Our Therapist In Iowa

Mandy Leverman Massage Therapist


HOURS: MON 9-12:30 | TUES OFF | WED 9-2:45 | THURS 2-8
**FRI VARIED 9-1:45 or 5-8:30 | SAT EVERY OTHER 9-1:45

My name is Mandy Leverman. I’m a licensed massage therapist. I graduated from Body Wisdom in 2008. I enjoy giving therapeutic, deep tissue, and reflexology. I was attracted to HCWC for their passion in helping people feel the greatest they can. I enjoy helping people feel better and lead healthy lives. I have a passion for the health and wellness industry. I feel all things are connected in the body, and over all health in mind, body, and spirit is key to feeling your best.