About Us

Heartland Chiropractic and Wellness Center is owned by Dr. Valerie Skow and established in Johnston, Iowa in 2004. Dr. Skow, the chiropractic physician and Stephanie Peterson, licensed massage therapist set out to build their respective practices with solid principals to make a difference in treating and educating our patients and clients to the best of our ability and provide impressive customer service that would soon be dinner talk with their family and friends. 

Our Chiropractic Physicians

Since 2004 HCWC has grown to three chiropractic physicians; *Dr. Valerie Skow,*Dr. Juliet O’Donnell, and most recently *Dr. Naomi Behne. Each bring their own talent and passion to our practice. Though all of our physicians offer care for the entire family, Dr. Skow specializes in prenatal and pediatric care achieving a fellowship for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, a distinction for chiropractors specializing in prenatal and pediatric care. Dr. O’Donnell’s patients request her again and again for her creativity in mobilizing joints and ability to vision where the root of the cause is; not only in her chiropractic practice, but her functional medicine/nutrition, as well.

Dr. Behne was expected to join us only during Dr. Skow’s maternity leave, but when we had a wait list in the event she should be covering again got so long, there was no doubt that asking her to join us was the right thing to do!

Stephanie Peterson who opened the office all those years ago is now Office Manager.
Paula Reed, lead Chiropractic Assistant, but has been working behind the scenes since HCWC was established.
Paula Pennequin, Chiropractic Assistant has been with HCWC since 2010.
Mandy Leverman, Licensed Massage Therapist has been with HCWC since 2013.

Our patients have allowed us to grow personally and professionally. At first offering chiropractic care, massage therapy and broad nutrition and nutraceutical advice, we now offer comprehensive wellness care for your family; including functional medicine, applied kinesiology, Bio Impendence Analysis (BIA), muscle testing, adhesion therapy only to name a few!

As you can see we’re a pretty tight family over here. Please visit our testimonials page to confirm that Heartland Chiropractic is the right place to care for you and your family!