Below you’ll find a list of the upcoming events here at HCWC, all with the mission of bringing the community together in the common belief of lifelong health and happiness.


Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion

Mar 19th 7 pm at Heartland Chiropractic

If you are gaining weight, tired, often get sick, have low libido, brain fog, and may get lightheaded it may be due to your adrenal. Stress comes in many forms from a busy schedule, chronic infection, over exercising, poor sleep, or emotions. Coffee and energy drinks only push this system harder and add to the problem. Functional medicine helps you determine your level of adrenal fatigue or exhaustion and teaches you the appropriate lifestyle and nutrients to recover.

Heartland Easter Egg Hunt…..Naturally!

March 25th 1:00 pm at The Cozy Backyard at HCWC 
This will be a free event for our patients and the community. We will have 1000+ eggs filled with all the goodies and none of the dyes, artificial sweeteners or peanuts. Kid and parent friendly. There is word that the Easter Bunny will be attending and available for photos. Spellman Photography will be onsite to take professional pictures for you – we ask that you pre-register to receive your complementary photo.  You can pre-register here, and sign up on our Facebook page!  

Thyroid and Autoimmune – Help is in your hands

March 24th 2 pm at Heartland Chiropractic

Many health conditions have an underlying autoimmune cause that can be improved naturally. Eczema, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, diabetes, Raynaud’s, Grave’s disease, Scleroderma, Alopecia, Chron’s, Celiac’s disease and many more are conditions that are triggered at the gut. Add stress, deficiencies, infection and immune imbalance and an autoimmune condition begins. The side effect of many autoimmune medications may be harmful and not treat all of the underlying causes.  Learn how to identify your triggers, balance immune function, decrease inflammation and lower antibodies successfully through functional medicine.

Detoxify for improved energy and health!

April 7th 2 pm at Heartland Chiropractic

Detoxification is a process the body does naturally but is easily overwhelmed with today’s environment and way of life. Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, plastics, food chemicals and environmental toxins add up and slow the liver and digestive ability to rid of toxins, leading to many symptoms.  Headaches, fatigue, hormonal fluctuations, gas, bloating, belching, allergies, sugar cravings and weight gain are all symptoms the body is telling you it is not detoxifying well. Learn how to improve your ability to detoxify safely and effectively, protecting your body from harmful toxins as they leave by attending this educational presentation.

Gut Health: More than Probiotics

April 21st 2 pm at Heartland Chiropractic

Digestive irregularities, bloating and cramping, constipation or IBS are signs your digestion needs help.  There are many other signs that your digestion may need help even if you are not having bowel complaints…. And probiotics are not enough. Skin conditions, brain mood disorders, food intolerances, and autoimmune conditions start at the digestive tract! Identify the correct source that started your symptoms and learn how to heal the gut.

Our Summer Pop Up Yoga Series (Yes, it’s really FREE!)

June 30th, July 14th, and August 18th, all at 9am at Heartland Chiropractic

Start the day with a vinyasa yoga class for all levels on the lawn behind HCWC! The wonderful Carin McManus will be teaching this summer yoga series. Please bring a friend and enjoy a free smoothie after class.

We’re always adding more events, so check back frequently and keep an eye on our Facebook Page!