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Massage Therapist In IowaMy name is Mandy Leverman. I’m a licensed massage therapist. I graduated from Body Wisdom in 2008. I enjoy giving therapeutic, deep tissue, and reflexology. I was attracted to HCWC for their passion in helping people feel the greatest they can. I enjoy helping people feel better and lead healthy lives. I have a passion for the health and wellness industry. I feel all things are connected in the body, and over all health in mind, body, and spirit is key to feeling your best.

HOURS: MON 5-8:30 | TUES 10-1:30 and 5-8:30 |
WED 10-2:30 |**FRI VARIED 9-1:45 or 5-8:30 |

Massage Therapy In Iowa

Natalie Clark, LMT

Hello! My name is Natalie Clark. I am a new graduate of Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School. Massage is what I have always wanted to do, and I am beyond thrilled to begin my new career at HCWC. It is my absolute privilege to help my clients to feel better and help them discover the benefits of taking one hour out of their lives just to focus on themselves and their well-being. I believe the benefits cannot be overstated.

Otherwise I am the mother of three beautiful and amazing daughters Maisy 13, Lottie 10, and Annabelle 6. When not working I love getting outside to hike, be around the water in any capacity, garden, read, knit, and travel. I look forward to working with you!